Democracy – Past, Present and Future

Reading Club Salon
October 19th

 Harbour Grand Hong Kong
23 Oil Street
North Point, Hong Kong

What is Democracy? How do we govern ourselves the best? These two inseparable questions have been resounding throughout the ages, from animated debates in halls of the Lyceum to clashes of weaponry between revolutionaries and communist governments in Eastern Europe.

The question of democracy and the best way for self-governance is not only a political problem, but also a philosophical one. It inevitably centers onto the universal and eternal human concern of how to live a good life, how to achieve happiness and prosperity on earth.

It is also an urgent question. With populism on the rise, democracy is in danger of being overwhelmed by the flood of irrational voices that dominate the political scene merely because they are loud enough.

Democracy does not mean populism. Majority does not mean truth. Standing where we are today, how do we view democracy with its legacy from the past, and projection into the future?

The Lion Rock Institute is proud to present our Annual Reading Club Salon 2013. In this event, we will investigate the topic of democracy through four sessions:

I. Athenian Democracy v. Roman Republic
II. Federalism
III. Subsidiarity
IV. A Way Out for the World – Can Democracy Survive?

This round table discussion event will be conducted in English.

There are very limited seats available and they will be given on a first come first serve basis.

We look forward to your participation in this exciting event. For more details, please contact Mr. Wilson Li at wilson.li@lionrockinstitute.org.